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Test our app and clinical validations.

SleepUp is an application that fights insomnia and is constantly evolving to  that our solutions are getting better and better so that our purpose of democratizing sleep health is fulfilled. For this evolution to continue, we need you to be part of our usability testing or clinical research. See below about them, fill out the forms and earn benefits.

usability tests


In order to constantly improve our digital therapy platform, we are recruiting people who want to participate in our usability tests. We currently have different test modalities, and we let those interested choose which one they want to participate.

TEST A - You will receive access to the premium plan, being able to access all the features of the SleepUp app for 45 days. *You must complete the application's tasks daily during the 45-day period. We'll track your remote usage journey with weekly assessments.


TEST B - We will schedule a video call meeting, with an average duration of 1h, to perform some tasks within the SleepUp application. Test guided and assisted by the SleepUp team.

Participate and get free access to the premium plan of the SleepUp app, and an Ifood coupon of up to R$100.

Clinical research


We are recruiting volunteers for our SleepUp digital therapy validation study

Ideal for people who suffer from insomnia or other sleep-related problems, the objective of our study is to improve the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia offered by SleepUp, in order to verify its effectiveness in reducing insomnia levels. Our purpose is to personalize insomnia treatment, increase user adherence, effectiveness and engagement. Join and get free access to the SleepUp app premium plan during the trial period.

Are you interested in volunteering with us in this study?