Quer dormir melhor com a SleepUp?

Do you want to sleep better?

You don´t want to take pills?
You want something more cost effective and natural?

We are the first personal assistant of your sleep

We offer digital therapy and continuous monitoring

Sleep monitoring

We capture your biometric data with our wearables
Mental  activity
Heart beat
Monitore o sono com a SleepUp

Sleep analysis

The mobile App captures your data, we analyze it  and provide personalized orientation to improve your sleep


Sleep  without medication

We improve your daily health, humour and energy, with a revigorating sleep, without use of drugs.  

Treat insomnia with the App

Everything in the comfort of your home and in the palm of your hands. Your receive personalized care on your phone.

Have a lasting result

Accesible value and long-term results as we treat the insomnia cause by analizing your data and habits.
Natural treatment for insomnia
We promote a better night sleep based on an integrated approach
Virtual doctor
Doctors by Chat

How is your sleep?

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