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The perfect pair for more repairing sleep nights

Try the new Conecta pillow from Altenburg and sink into a deep, restorative night's sleep.

Antimicrobial coating

Ideal for side sleepers

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EEG headband for sleep:

check the details of the pre-launch

Using an electroencephalogram (EEG) with a proprietary algorithm, the SleepUp headband will capture brain activity during sleep, accurately providing details of your sleep stages, in the comfort of your home. Simple as that.

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Sleep Medications

with reduced side effects and greater efficacy

Aware of the importance of using medication safely, we have a special medication management module, with techniques to help you change, reduce or withdraw your sleep medications.

We also have a medicine diary, in which you can keep track of the medications you take daily and monthly, as well as recording the side effects and feelings associated with it.


Track your progress through clinical trials and detailed reporting

Your information will be analyzed by our artificial intelligence and used to personalize your therapy and track your progress.

Check the benefits from using the SleepUp Digital Therapy

The techniques used are recommended by experts, psychologists and sleep doctors, and are based on tested, validated and globally recognized clinical studies.


A supplement to the remedy

Improve the effectiveness and control of your sleeping pills, with module and medicine diary.


Treat insomnia by the app

All in the comfort of your home and in the palm of your hand. You receive personalized treatment on your cell phone.


Long Term Solution

Get lasting results at an affordable price by treating your insomnia by analyzing your vital signs and habits.


in the insomnia severity index*


+33 minutes of sleep per night*


Sleep came 55 minutes earlier*

*Improvements observed in a study carried out with more than 1200 patients in a period of one month.

with an evidence-based solution
and clinical studies

Improve your sleep

SleepUp has a team of sleep experts who have a scientific commitment to always validating and improving their solutions through research to ensure the best results in the treatment of sleep disorders.

Sleep monitoring

automated and with greater practicality in the analysis 

We capture your vital signs with wearable technologies to provide more accurate results and greater convenience. We analyze data such as:


Brain Activity


Heart beats


Step Count


Sleep Stages

Available via:


Sleep better

with an integrated approach to insomnia treatment

We aim to reduce and prevent insomnia with digital therapeutic programs based on cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT), mindfulness (mindfulness) and remote consultations via chat and video.


Apnea Treatment

with CPAP monitoring

Improve the outcome of your respiratory therapy and get personalized recommendations for your treatment with SleepUp monitoring.


Monitor your apnea and have detailed reports generated by the automatic integration of the CPAP with the application.

Free Premium Plan for Gaslive equipments!

Discover the results that SleepUp brings to you

"With the use of the App and filling in the diary I had a BIG improvement in my insomnia, my awakenings decreased and when I wake up I go back to sleep faster, the professional who contacted me is extremely attentive and gave me valuable tips, in addition to of the App articles are very useful and help a lot."

Carolina Cardoso

"I'm very happy to have found this app. It showed me the light at the end of the tunnel, it's been more than 15 years sleeping less than 6 hours a day and filling me with medication, this app is now part of my routine forever. Gratitude ."

Neide Souza

"I really liked the app, especially in relation to mindfulness therapy. It helps a lot to ease my anxiety and consequently improve the quality of my sleep."

Déborah Guimarães Oliveira

Brazilian Press

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