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The Startup that seeks to improve the lives of people who suffer from insomnia

SleepUp is a startup founded in 2019, graduated from the Founder Institute, accelerated by Samsung and incubated at Albert Einstein, which is evidence-based with clinical and regulatory support.


In addition to being approved by Brazilian FDA, it is classified as a medical software for offering a democratic and accessible clinical intervention for the treatment of insomnia.


Accelerators and Incubators

Why is intervention in the treatment of insomnia so important?

Insomnia is a problem that affects millions of people around the world, and is related to issues such as poor sleep habits and lack of exercise, to genetic predispositions and chronic or psychiatric illnesses.

Insomnia sufferers not only have trouble sleeping, but are also more vulnerable to health risks that lack of sleep brings in the short and long term.

SleepUp acts in the treatment of insomnia in a natural way, using resources such as cognitive-behavioral therapy to change the sleep habits of its users.


of people worldwide report having unsatisfactory sleep¹


of adults aged 65+ have symptoms of insomnia²


of the world's population has insomnia problems during their lifetime³

Who is behind SleepUp's core?


Dr. Renata R. Bonaldi

Co-Founder & CEO

Graduated in Engineering and with a Global MBA from the University of Manchester, Renata acquired her doctorate in Italy and England, and is an expert in wearable technologies.


Paula V. Redondo

Co-Founder & CTO

A Computer Scientist with an MBA in Software Engineering from USP, Paula is a specialist in technology and digital products.


Thabita Maganete

Commercial Manager

Social Worker and Sleep Psychologist with an MBA in Quality of Life in Companies, Thabita has more than 15 years of experience dedicated to health promotion.


Thabita Maganete

Commercial Manager

Social Worker and Sleep Psychologist with an MBA in Quality of Life in Companies, Thabita has more than 15 years of experience dedicated to health promotion.


Dr. Gabriel N. Pires

Director of Sleep Research

A biomedical doctor with a PhD in Sleep Medicine from UNIFESP, Gabriel is a researcher in sleep epidemiology and a professor.


Dr. Ksdy Souza

Sleep Psychologist

Psychologist and Neuropsychologist, with a doctorate in psychology and sleep sciences from UNIFESP, Ksdy is a professor and therapist with expertise in i-CBT.


Nuccia Cardinale

Key Account Manager

Computer Scientist by training, with an MBA in Business Management at FGV and 16 years of experience in digital services.

Consultants and Advisors

Dr. Mario Zanini

Advisor | Sleep Doctor

Psychiatrist with specialization in sleep medicine,  holds a Master's degree in Science from USP, secretary of the sleep medicine department of the Brazilian Association of Psychiatry, professor of psychopharmacology and preceptor of the medical residency in psychiatry at the Hospital of the State Civil Servant of São Paulo


Dr. Leticia Soster

Advisor | sleep doctor

Neuropediatrician, Neurophysiologist and Sleep Physician, Dr. Leticia holds a PhD in Sciences from USP, is responsible for the infant sleep laboratory at the Instituto da Criança USP, a neurophysiologist at the Sleep Laboratory and Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Sleep at Albert Einstein Hospital.

Dr. Silvério Garbuio

Consultant | Biomedic

Biomedical by UNIBAN, Silvério is Master and Doctor in Medicine and Biology of Sleep by UNIFESP. He served as coordinator of the sleep laboratory, and professor in Polysomnography courses at the Sleep Institute.

Dr. Evelyn Brasil

Consultant | Sleep Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist, Dr. Evelyn holds a Master's degree in Sleep Medicine and Biology, in addition to being a professor and coordinator of the Postgraduate course in Sleep Medicine at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.

Ricardo Silveira

Consultant | Pharmaceutical

Graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ricardo has an Executive MBA and in Marketing & Sales. Silvério has extensive experience in pharmaceutical retail, distribution and supervision, and is a training and marketing manager. He is also a writer, consultant and university professor.

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