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Home-based sleep screening with ring oximeter*

SleepUp offers a complete digital journey of sleep screening, monitoring, and therapy, with assessments from sleep expert professionals. Buy online or at the pharmacy closest to you.

* Sleep Screening only available in Brazil. The oximeter will only be made available for the test, and must be returned to SleepUp. Return costs are paid by SleepUp. More information in Terms of Use.


Why purchase the Sleep Screening?

Not happy with your sleep? Do you feel tired and sleepy during the day? Don't know where to get help? Do you want a reliable and validated solution? Then we can help you!

Prevent more serious health conditions

Prevent diseases related to snoring and apnea, such as high blood pressure, stroke or heart attack.

Constant clinical

Be accompanied by sleep health experts throughout your screening.

Accessible and in the comfort of your home

Find it at the pharmacy closest to you, take-out the oximeter and perform the triage in the comfort of your home.

Comfortable,light, intuitive and practical

The ring is made of soft material, and it won't fall off your finger overnight.


1 out of 3 people have sleep apnea. 


Of people with apnea are not diagnosed

< 2

~1 polysomnography is performed per municipality per year by SUS 


Average cost of a
private polysomnography

For who is the Sleep Screening for?

Undiagnosed sleep disorders can have a major impact on your health and well-being, and we also understand how uncomfortable it can be to get tested while sleeping in clinics compared to sleeping in the comfort of your own home.

The sleep oximeter scrrening was designed for those who want the possibility to diagnose sleep apnea symptoms in advance, and improve their health and quality of life, without giving up a comfortable night's sleep with an accurate diagnosis.

1 year premium subscription included in the SleepUp app!

Check out the solutions that our app offers to help you get a better sleep


Learn about sleep

Get oriented and educated about the specific conditions that impair your sleep and how to improve them with special modules.

Monitor your sleep

Track your progress and make your therapy more personalized with Sleep Diaries, Reports and Clinical Tests.

Relieve your stress

Create the conditions for a more restful day and sleep with guided meditations, music and ambient sounds

Do digital therapies

Reduce and prevent sleep problems with digital therapies based on the most recommended techniques by experts in the field.

Sleep Screening Step-by-Step

1st step

Place the oximeter on your index finger or thumb, and sleep with it for at least 6 hours (minimum: 4 hours)


2nd step

Complete the general health form and then connect the oximeter to your smartphone via Bluetooth through the SleepUp app.


3rd step

Access the results and generate an technical report of your sleep screening, with personalized guidance from sleep specialists.


4rd Step

Get guidance on your oximetry results by scheduling the 15-minute online assessments  with our team of specialists in sleep psychology and respiratory physiotherapy.


5th step

After completing your sleep screening and generating the complete oxymeter report, contact SleepUp to learn how to return the oximeter.

Screening results available in PDF for download and print

The Sleep Screening gives you more convenience and practicality with generated results that can be accessed via app or PDF. This allows you to download it to view on your computer and print it out to take to your doctor.


FAQ about the sleep screening

How long does the screening last?

You can use the oximeter as many times as you want during the period of 2 (two) days. Then, you must return to the provider pharmacy or to the address determined by SleepUp.

Do I have to return the oximeter?

Yes. The oximeter must be returned within the period specified by SleepUp. Returns will vary according to the purchase channel (pharmacies or online).

Do I need to keep my smartphone on during the exam?

No. The device stores up to 3 (three) records, eliminating the need to use the smartphone in real time.

What is ODI?

ODI is the acronym for Oxygen Desaturation Index. It serves as a parameter to assess the degree of severity of obstructive sleep apnea. It is calculated from how many drops in oxygen ≥ 3% or 4% there were during the exam.

How many technical reports will I get?

The combo includes the generation of 1 (one) report with personalized guidelines, exportable in PDF, in addition to the observations of health professionals (psychologist and sleep physiotherapist) who will be conducting the included 15-minute assessments.

What is the recommended time to use the oximeter during night?

We recommend using it for at least 6 hours for the most accurate results. In order to generate your medical report, you must use the oximeter one night for at least 4 hours. 

What are the assessments with sleep specialists designed for?

Assessments are included to provide you with a more assertive and humanized therapeutic direction related to your oximetry results.

Is it safe to self-diagnose after the triage?

No, never self-diagnose! Take the results to your doctor or specialized health professionals for further guidance on the ideal treatment and therapy options for your case.

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