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Take back the control of your sleep.

Learn how to use our app to monitor and take care of your sleep health.


Download the app at Google Play or on Apple Store


Open the app and do the Insomnia and the Apneia free tests


The results will indicate the ideal solution for you

And now? Which plan is right for me?

After the initial tests, you can analyze your clinical picture and purchase the plan that best fits your current situation.
* Plans Only Available in Brazil

Mild Insomnia/No Insomnia: Standard Plan

Get access to the basics for monitoring your sleep with tailored guidance, as well as therapies and other tools for learning and relaxation.


Moderate/Severe Insomnia: Premium Plan

Access to gold standard therapy for treating insomnia, sleep specialist doctors to accompany you*, in addition to all tools to monitor your sleep and medication use.


Moderate/Severe Apnea: Sleep Triage

Access to Oximeter Screening at your home, assessments of your problem with sleep specialists, a PDF report and a 3-month Premium plan to continue your sleep therapy. **Only available in Brazil

Primeiros Passos
What should I do in the app?
Sleep and Medication Diary

Fill out your sleep diary every day. Our Artificial Intelligence will adjust the guidelines according to the completed diaries. The more you fill out, the more accurate the recommendations will be.

- For guidance on managing the use of sleeping medications, remember to mark that you took medication in the Sleep Diary and then fill out the Medication Diary.

Monitoring Reports

Check the reports periodically. They bring you personalized guidance, tailored according to the diary entries completed during the month, so that you can see what is working in your therapy to continue, and what can be changed and improved.

Reports are available daily, monthly and annually.

Digital Therapies

The app features Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, the most recommended by experts in the world for treating chronic insomnia, and which is certified by Anvisa.

- You can also do Mindfulness Therapy, which teaches you mindfulness techniques to live in the present moment, reducing anxiety and helping with relaxation, which is ideal for sleep.

Keep the routine

The time in which results will come varies greatly from person to person. But it is clear that to be successful on your journey, it is important to be persistent and trust the treatment. It can be difficult to stay consistent, but it will definitely be worth it!

See how the app works
SleepUp 101

Check out all the resources available in the app for you to use in your therapy.

Sleep Diary

Track and understand the evolution of your sleep and your treatment so you can improve it.

Clinical Tests

Identify problems that affect your sleep and make your therapy even more personalized.

CBT therapy for insomnia

Re-educate your sleep by changing habits and thoughts using Insomnia Therapy.

Special Modules

Explore modules focused on specific problems that affect sleep and get more targeted therapy.

Establishing Goals

Learn how to set goals related to your sleep to help improve it over the weeks.

Take back the control of your sleep now!

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