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FAQ -  Electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring

Last update: December 4th, 2023


1. What is an electroencephalogram headband (EEG)?

The electroencephalogram headband (EEG) represents the standards of brain electrical activity recorded by electrodes on the scalp. During sleep, Delta waves predominate, associated with deep sleep.

This analysis of frequency ranges is essential to identify sleep disorders, such as insomnia. By examining the specific characteristics of brain waves during sleep, health professionals can diagnose and guide treatment strategies to improve sleep quality and address health problems associated with sleep disorders.

2. What does "Signal" of the headband means?

The headband signal represents perfusion index (PI) that captures vital signs and brain waves. The higher this index, or the track signal, the better the signal, and the more accurate the data captured. Positioning the track correctly ensures that the signal is suitable for more accurate results.

3. How does EEG reading with headband work?

Upon receiving SleepUp's EEG headband through some accredited healthcare, exam or healthcare professional, you can sleep with it at night. Just turn on the button, position it on the head correctly (with the box centralized on the forehead, with the gray fabric touching the ears and the hair behind, so as not to interfere with the signal).

The track will capture your data during sleep and will store it locally or on the SleepUp app, depending on the model.

4. Does Sleepup provide EEG headband for use in any way?

Soon Sleepup will publicize which channels Headband will be made available.

5. Where do I find information to perform my reading within the app?

Inside the 'EEG Monitoring' menu, you can click to see the reading instructions.

6. What is the recommended time to use the headband?

We recommend use for at least 6 hours for more accurate results. In order to generate its result, one night is mandatory using the oximeter for at least 4 hours.

7. Do I need to leave the phone with me during sleep?

It depends! Some models will require you to get your phone close and connected to Bluetooth while reading, while other models will have internal memory and dispense with your mobile phone while reading, just being requested to access the instructions.

8. Is it possible to change the LED brightness or turn them off?

Yes! Just in the 'EEG monitoring' menu, select the gear icon in the upper right corner and 'configure LEDs', define the brightness of the LEDs or if they will be turned on/off while reading.

9. How do I close a reading with headband?

To end a reading in the first version of headband, when reading in the 'real -time monitoring' section in the 'end reading' option and confirm.

In the second version of Headband, just just the button to turn it off and your reading will be finished.

10. How do I download my readings?

To download it, just the 'Monitoring with EEG' menu, select the 'download readings' button, and the app will start loading the detected readings if this process has not yet been performed.

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