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FAQ about the sleep triage

How long does the screening last?

You can use the oximeter as many times as you want during the period of 2 (two) days. Then, you must return to the pharmacy you provided or to the address determined by SleepUp.

Do I have to return the oximeter?

Yes. The oximeter must be returned within the period specified in the contract. Returns will vary according to the purchase channel (pharmacies or online).

Do I need to keep my cell phone on during the exam?

No. The device stores up to 3 (three) records, eliminating the need to use the cell phone in real time.

What is ODI?

IDO is the acronym for Oxygen Desaturation Index. It serves as a parameter to assess the degree of severity of obstructive sleep apnea. It is calculated from how many drops in oxygen ≥ 3% or 4% there were during the exam.

How many medical reports will I get?

The combo includes the generation of 1 (one) report with personalized guidelines, exportable in PDF, in addition to the observations of health professionals (psychologist and sleep physiotherapist) who will be conducting the included 15-minute evaluations.

What is the recommended time to use the oximeter during screening?

We recommend using it for at least 6 hours for the most accurate results. In order to generate your medical report, you must use the oximeter one night for at least 4 hours. 

What are evaluations with sleep specialists for?

Assessments are included to provide you with a more assertive and humanized therapeutic direction related to your exam results.

Is it safe to self-diagnose after the exam?

No. Never make a self-diagnosis! Take the results to your doctor or specialized health professionals for further guidance on the ideal treatment and therapy options for your case.

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