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FAQ - Your account & Plans

Last update: December 4th, 2023

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1. What are the plans and prices?

You can find Sleepup in two places: at the app store of your mobile phone and in drugstore and pharmacies networks. The presentation of Sleepup is different in each of them.

In app stores you will find Sleeup on Free, Standard and Premium plans. To learn more about prices and features, visit:

In pharmacies and drugstores you will find Digital Sleep therapy in Light versions (exclusive in our Sleep Club registration) and have complete in its premium version. To find out the prices of digital therapy in pharmacies and drugstores, see the site of sales sites. To learn more, go to

2. How do I subscribe?

You can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store, enter login data and create the account for free. In the app, go to menu> plans and prices and subscribe via your mobile store. Payment can be made via credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

3. How do I cancel?

To make the cancellation:
1. Access the upper left menu;
2. Access the 'My Account' section, and select the 'My Plan' tab;
3. If you have any active signature: Choose the 'Cancel Signature' option.

4. Is my information kept confidential and protected?

Yes, Sleepup strictly follows the current protocols of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) - Therefore your data is treated as confidential, it is protected, belong to you and will be used only for the purpose of SLEEPUP.

5. How do I give you permission and access to my doctor from my sleep data?

In the upper left menu, select 'My Account', and go to the 'My Profile' tab.

When rolling down, you will see the 'My Doctor' section.

Enter your doctor's data, along with his email, and then check the 'I authorize sharing my sleep history with this health professional'. Your doctor may then access your data via monitoring portal.

The doctor also via monitoring portal can request your authorization when registering your email as a patient. You will receive an email where you can make this authorization outside the app.

6. How does my doctor see my sleep data?

By authorizing data sharing with your doctor, it can access your sleep data recorded in the app through the SleepUp monitoring portal.

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