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FAQ - Oximeter Sleep Screening

Last update: December 4th, 2023


1. What is oximeter sleep screening?

Oximeter sleep sorting is a solution so that, through its oxygenation and heartbeat, it is possible to detect symptoms, monitor and even start treatment of possible breathing disorders that cause effects such as snoring.

It is ideal for those with high snoring complaints at night and drowsiness and/or fatigue during the day. We send the oximeter to you, and you guarantee 1 year of premium plan to continue doing digital therapies and monitoring through the diaries and reports of Sleepup.

2. What is the duration of screening?

You can use the oximeter as many times as you want during the period of two (2) days. You should then return to the pharmacy you provided or to the address determined by Sleepup.

3. How many reports do I have the right to generate?

The screening has the right to generation of 1 (one) technical report with export in PDF, as well as personalized guidelines and observations of health professionals (psychologist and sleep physiotherapist) who conduct the 15 -minute assessments included.

4. Do I have to return the oximeter?

Yes. The oximeter shall be returned within the period determined in the terms. The return will vary by purchase channel (pharmacies or online).

5. What is the recommended time to use the oximeter during sleep?

We recommend use for at least 6 hours for more accurate results. In order to generate its result, one night is mandatory using the oximeter for at least 4 hours.

6. Do I need to stay with the phone on during oximetry?

No. The device stores up to 3 (three) records, dispensing with use with the phone during sleep.

7. What are evaluations with sleep experts for?

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Evaluations are included to provide you with a more assertive and humanized therapeutic direction related to oximetry results.

8. What is ODI?

ODI is the acronym for oxygen desaturation index. It serves as a parameter to evaluate the degree of severity of an obstructive sleep apnea. It is calculated from how many oxygen falls ≥ 3% or 4% were during oximetry.

9. Is it safe to self-diagnose after the screening?

No, never make a self -diagnosis. Take the results to your doctor or specialized health professionals to have greater guidance on the ideal treatment options and therapies for your case.

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