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New Year's Eve Parties: How to get a good sleep?

Blog da SleepUp: Como ter um bom sono nas festas de final de ano

The end of the year parties are coming and with them the sleepless nights. It is common during this period for people to change their sleep habits due to the festivities. During this period, we drink, eat, get out of our daily routine and so some habits are put aside, and among them sleep. On Christmas Eve we wait until 00:00 to wish the congratulations and on the 31st we wait for the long-awaited New Year's turn, which continues into the dawn, thus leading to sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation is a common condition during this period, which can be defined as the removal or partial suppression of sleep. This is a common condition in modern society, and its far-reaching effects can lead to cognitive, metabolic, emotional, social and economic changes.

People with chronic sleep deprivation may have reduced motivation and interest; mood changes (irritability, stress and fatigue); as well as impairment of memory and attention, in addition to an increase in the number of traffic accidents and daytime sleepiness. Studies show that one night of total sleep deprivation is enough to compromise decision making and increases susceptibility to social influences.

But how to enjoy the holidays and maintain quality sleep?

Here are some tips:

During the parties

1 - The first point is to plan to party, that is, enjoy with moderation and flexibility, understanding that these moments are unique and that you can be less rigid with yourself for a few hours. Sleep is important: yes, but the focus now is not on sleep but on enjoying time with family and friends.

2 - Second point: if you are going to drink, always have a bottle of water ready. Alcohol is a villain for sleep, it increases the number of awakenings after sleep onset, leading to poor quality sleep and water can help in alcohol metabolism, decreasing the concentration of alcohol in the blood, as well as hydrating the body , improves the quality of sleep and thus prevents a hangover the next day.

3 - Third point: Respect your limit and be generous with yourself.

After the parties

After this period of celebrations, it is worth remembering that to return to our routine, we need a little more discipline, and with our sleep it is no different. For this it is important that you:

1 - Go back to sleep and always wake up at the same time

2 - Avoid the use of alcoholic beverages during this post-party readaptation period

3 - Have a healthy and light diet

4 - Avoid using electronic devices around bedtime

5 - Meditate or breathe deeply a few minutes before bed.

6 - And enjoy your sleep.

Finally, what matters is that you allow yourself, respect your limits and be light. Quality sleep also depends on how we live our day, so enjoy this moment!

SleepUp wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a 2020 full of health and quality sleep!

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