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FAQ - App usage & Tools

Last update: December 4th, 2023


1. How will lifestyle tips help me?

Knowing that insomnia can often be caused by our inappropriate habits and behaviors, lifestyle tips can help your body find balance, improving your pace and therefore your sleep.

2. How will the songs help me?

The songs can be an interesting strategy for relaxing and calming your mind.

3. How will meditations help me?

Meditation is also an efficient technique for insomnia, as it tends to reduce anxiety and stress, leading to relaxation of body and mind, thus allowing a quieter and more restorative sleep.

4. Can I disable notifications?

Yes, you can disable notifications from your mobile phone. They will remain visible through the Luna icon within the app.

To disable them go to the menu> notifications and disable those you prefer.

To ensure the effectiveness of our tools and interventions, we suggest that you keep your phone's notifications enabled. Notifications are part of follow -up and should be viewed and followed for your sleep to improve.

5. How do wearable technologies work?

Vestible technologies will be used to monitor your sleep pattern to customize your guidelines and track your evolution.

You can track your night's sleep data with Sleepup using Samsung Health devices and also using the home sorting oximeter.

Sleepup will soon launch the integration with Google Fit and the electroencephalogram range for home sleeping home examination and oximeter integration, which will assist in the clinical diagnoses of apnea and insomnia -related sleep complaints.

6. How does health professionals care via chat and video works?

This functionality is released for all plans, and is paid separately. The care is performed by a doctor or psychologist accredited on our platform, after prior appointment.

To schedule an appointment, go to the 'psychologist and sleep doctor' item on the homepage or the 'take care of your sleep' menu, and select to schedule with Sleepup professionals. You can choose the professional who will perform your service, and will receive instructions next.

7. Is there any tutorial available in the app?

Yes, the app has tutorials of various features that show you how to use them. To access, just in the 'menu', select the 'Ajuda' option and then click on 'tutorials'

8. How to know your app is up to date?

1. Users with Android Cell Phone
- Open the Google Play Store app
- In the menu in the left corner, enter 'My apps and games'
- Wait for the app to check if all installed software is updated
- If you have any update available, you can select both individual apps and everyone at once to download updates

2. Users with Apple mobile phone
- The first step is to enter your application store and search for the app
- If the 'Update' option appears is because there is a newer version of the app for you.
- However, if this option does not appear, it means that you already have the most up -to -date version for your device.

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