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Don't let your sleep problems get in the way anymore

The Sleep Hub Club offers you discounts in Digital Therapies that help you sleep better and have a better quality of life.

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See how easy it is to purchase

Step-by-step to register and purchase

1. Register on our website by clicking here

Just fill in some details and you will receive a confirmation email.

2. Access or go to a pharmacy that sells SleepUp

Search our search system for the ones closest to you. (Soon)

3. Complete the purchase and receive your activation code

Your code will be automatically received by email or whatsapp with instructions for use and activation.

4. Afterwards, just download the app and link your code to an account

Don't worry, we'll explain the step-by-step after the purchase, and you'll be able to start your journey to improve your sleep!


Why choose the Digital Sleep Therapy from SleepUp?

Start Digital Therapies

Reduce and prevent sleep problems with digital therapies based on techniques most recommended by experts in the field.

Relieve your Stress

Create the conditions for a more restful day and sleep with guided meditations, music and ambient sounds.

Reduce your insomnia*



We have several proven techniques to lower your levels of insomnia.

Sleep for more time*


With SleepUp, you can increase your sleep time in a practical and intuitive way!

​* Data collected from a study carried out with more than 1200 patients over a period of one month.

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